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Step 1: Procrastination

by Noelle Tripolino Roberts

Ask anyone who has access to my calendar and the running joke has been one task in particular that daily gets moved forward, avoided, and dodged by me.  

I've been meaning for weeks now to clean my refrigerator coils.  I'm usually pretty good about doing things if I put them on my calendar, but this task has seemed to large and unwieldy.  My hope was to document my experience cleaning the refrigerator coils to show you all how important it is.

Just this week Beth told me about how they had to replace an expensive part of the refrigerator that could have been avoided had the maintenance been a priority, but honestly who wants to pull this gigantic machine out of it's preformed space in the kitchen just to clean some junky coils you don't even see?


I'm bound and determined to share the experience with you all, but in the mean time I think, as motivation for us all, you should take a look at this article.

A new energy efficiency standard must be met my manufacturers that we will be picking up the tab for this new standards with an increase by 5%-6% of the sales price.  Now the hope is the savings will be paid back with how efficiently they run, however the cost of a fridge breakdown is increasing. 

Personally I'm saving up for a vacation this winter as opposed to a new refrigerator, so is that motivation enough to do some maintenance that could prolong the life of your refrigerator a significant amount?

Never done it? Here's a "how to" manual for you:

Watch for my refrigerator post to know when to move on to step 2:


We Want our Homes to Tell us How to Live

by Beth Nordaune

 There are always big home trends that sweep over our area or even the country.  Remember the red wall or red kitchens or all the faux painting techniques?   I can say I have participated in both of those trends and I also know when I am out with buyers today, these same trends can really make a home feel dated.  How about the big or small stars?  I can remember on two separate occasions where buyers asked me if that had some sort of meaning?  Was it for religious purposes?  I was shocked to see how a buyer could perceive this as a possible sign this home was not for them. 

  These types of trends we almost all participate in at one point or another. The latest one that started a few years ago, but really was apparent in 2014, was the various sayings we encounter as we go through homes.  I can tell you it almost became a game to try try and find a home that did not have some sort of saying or words.  I can also remember playing this game with the red kitchens a number of years back.  My question is, do we need these reminders to tell us how to live?  Have we forgotten how to feel without being told or what the function of a room is without it being labeled?

I am talking about the laundry rooms that are labeled.  Do we not see the washer and dryer and know what to do?



Are we so unhappy that we needs signs reminding us daily to be happy and to dream?  

How about this one?  Think outside the box. Above the TV? Is this a reminder that we should be spending time participating in life instead of watching the television? Is that the definition of what thinking outside the box means today?




This was the one that broke my mental psyche and where I felt compelled to write about this phenomenon.  "Soak it all in."  This actually made me genuinely concerned that, as people, we have forgotten the other reasons we take baths besides getting clean.  


I love the idea of daily reminders.  I know my day is better when part of my morning routine is writing down or remembering what I am grateful for and why I get up and do what I do everyday.  This trend will probably pass and we will be onto the next one.  What is your favorite sign you have seen?


The Silent Killer - CO2

by Noelle Tripolino Roberts

CO2 poisoning is hitting closer and closer to home with 18 deaths just las year from carbon monoxide in Minnesota alone.  

An appliance leak at an elementary school in St. Louis sent 3 people to the hospital and a father and daughter were both lost to CO2 poisonings last week in Duluth, MN

MN Department of Public safety put out a press release last week as a reminder to check those CO2 detectors every month. Put it on your calendar.  Don't have one?  Purchase one online here. It's a small price to pay to avoid a tragedy.  

We work with Melissa closely to prepare our homes for sale.  She shared why it's so important to her in that press release found here: 

Customer Service for Everyone!

by Noelle Tripolino Roberts

I came across an article discussing how social media is playing a large roll in customer service.  

Just 3 years ago, 45% of all customer inquiries... were handled by a traditional call center. Now, almost 90% are resolved through social or self-service channels 

Just recently I was at Best Buy in Rochester (long before the black Friday bustle) and the store was​pretty calm.  I was purchasing a new computer - a substantial investment in my mind.  We waited for a ridiculous amount of time to be ignored by the usually very attentive sales associates. 

I admit, my first instinct was to vent that I was going to leave a poor review online.  Consumers today have more venues than ever to get on a soap box for or against customer service. 

 But alas, after using an in-store computer to tweet to best buy customer service, I received a pretty quick response asking for my location in the store so they could send someone to us.  Pretty crazy!

Twitter for customer service requests doubled to 22% between 2009 to 2012. 

What seemed in my mind to be an experiment has clearly been thought through and as we strive to create the best possible experience for our real estate clients, being attentive and hearing their concerns through every avenue (be it social media, phone calls, or face-to-face) is an important part of today's client's needs.

I just offered this week to Facetime a live showing with a client from out of town and we frequently use Google hangout to communicate from across the continent in this crazy buys world we live in.  

I have learned to absolutely love and enjoy what technology has to offer real estate and customer service in general.  We're finding amazing ways to interact and communicate despite travel, busy schedules, and the desire for instant gratification.

Black Friday - Down

by Noelle Tripolino Roberts

I got into the office this morning and wanted to hear all the gossip from the past weekend.  The usual Thanksgiving dinner, family, and Black Friday.  87 million Americans were out shopping this past Friday, but it sounds like numbers, and amount spent is actually down.  $50.9 billion was expected to be spent (down 11.3% from last year).  Number of shoppers is down about 5%. While I've never been a big black Friday shopper myself, I definitely took advantage of 30% off a coat I've been eyeing at Eddie Bauer online. 

Retail is still expected to make a rise in profit compared to last year over the whole holiday shopping season, but numbers were down the past weekend. 

With improving employment and falling gas prices, what's making shoppers so frugal?  I know a myriad of my peers who have opted for handmade gifts from local businesses, Pinterest, Etsy vendors, etc. or forgone gifts altogether.  The excitement among my in-laws seems to have exploded this year as all of the cousins in their 20 something offered to plan a large family getaway.  We're taking the weekend to go to The Wisconsin Dells and agreed to forgo gifts altogether.

Close to home - Michael's Closes

by Noelle Tripolino Roberts

Like many, I read yesterday that Michael's plans to close next month and in it's place will go a large building attached to Shops at University Square.  It's sad to see this "historic to many" place go.  And with that I've heard wails of residents fearing all character will be lost from downtown if we continue to knock down and build multi-level boxes.   

Recognizing the huge audience to whom we address via this blog, this topic is one that definitely is felt by many in the community.  So, tell us what you think!  Is the real estate of downtown Rochester succumbing to corporate mainstreaming or could this be a move to creating a true downtown feel with high rises and great shops? We'd love to post your comments here.  So fill up Facebook, Google+, our email inbox, etc.

Winter Farmer's Market

by Noelle Tripolino Roberts

Finally made a stop at the farmer's market this weekend and it was the perfect day to do so as the weather was just warming up Saturday morning.  This was my first ever Winter farmer's market in Rochester and I decided to report back to you my findings.

The time frame on Saturdays (9-noon) is shorter than the summer.  I was honestly surprised by how busy it was with people getting their veggies, canned goods, fresh meat, and holiday decor! While not as "fresh smelling" as the summer time (it's held in building 41 at the fair grounds) which still house a natural animal odor, the market had lots to offer and parking was fairly easy.


There were students playing in a string group as a fundraising effort which also contributed to the unique atmosphere (a barn feel with classy strings) and was fun to just experience.  One thing I didn't expect was the amount of holiday decor items - just in time as I was thinking about decorating for the holidays.

I would highly encourage you to check it out! And there are plenty more left this winter. 





How Early is too Early?

by Noelle Tripolino Roberts

I must admit I'm a traditionalist in the sense that we do not decorate for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving.  I've seen way too many posts of Christmas trees and lights going up.  I've heard too many Christmas carols being sung. 


Speaking of...


Has anyone noticed the plumber building is all lit up like a tree already?


Christmas is one of my favorite times of year in all honesty.  I'm tending to jump on the bandwagon I've noticed coming the last few years of minimalism though.  I'm finding more value in time, homemade things, and family than in material things.  Perhaps it's a generational idea, or an era of sustainability that will fade, but I tend to think it's an overall good way of life. 

Toward the end of the season last year I posted about recycling options for Christmas lights.  These pesky things that are practically made to be disposable, yet bring joy and light to many during the holiday season where, here in Minnesota, it is dark by 4:30 shouldn't be taking up landfills. 

I wished I had known about this recycling option at the beginning of the season, however, so let this serve as a reminder of sorts.  My tendency is to go through and find the lights that are working well at the start of the season before I put them up.  At the end of the Christmas season, I just throw it all in a bin and assume I'll sort it out and untangle next year.  So as you're going through your Christmas lights to put them up.  Don't toss them out, recycle them and learn about this amazing organization and how it helps more than the environment by checking out the post from last year:

BONUS: They've added more drop off locations this year! Find the one closest one to you Here!




Still suffering from Allergies?

by Noelle Tripolino Roberts

Are you still struggling with allergies? They haven’t seemed to go away this year - having not had a truly hard frost, the congestion and itchy eyes have been a lingering bother for many.  

What you may not realize is that after pollen levels drop, it may not be your typical hay fever, rather the infamous mold causing these symptoms. About 10 percent of allergy sufferers are sensitive to mold spores.

I know we all reject the idea of mold spores growing in our home, and remain that we take exceptional care, but there are some places you may not have thought of that are great environments for these pesky fungi.

1. Your Dishwasher

You’d think a cleaning appliance would be clean, right? Thing again. When tests, 62%

of dishwashers had mold (especially in those rubber seals.) 56% contained black yeast which is toxic to humans. 

So, leave that dishwasher door cracked open or wipe it down with a towel. Also, don’t put damp dishes away until they’re dry.


2. Herbal Medicinal Plants

Herbal meds are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)yet in one study 90 percent of the samples had mold.  70 percent had fungi levels exceeding what’s considered an "acceptable amount” and 31 percent were identified as harmful to humans.


3. Toothbrush

I’ve always used multiple toothbrushes because this one grossed me out - turns out I wasn’t too far off.  You want your toothbrush to be dry to prevent mold growth.  If you have a power toothbrush, look at the head to find out if it’s a hollow-head or solid-head (You can tell by the way it connects to the base of the toothbrush) you want to aim for as little space as possible which means solid-head toothbrushes are best when preventing mold growth. 

Refrain from using covers (especially when traveling) it’s best to let it get fully dry to prevent mold growth.

Happy Halloween!

by Noelle Tripolino Roberts

So, after our article and post yesterday, we decided it's a great time (unfortunately: because it can be anywhere) to focus on Mold.  While not as cool as shark week, we think "mold week" will be just as educational and less bloody.

In preparation of this beautiful Halloween day, I've watched as neighborhood pumpkins have sunk, sagged and began foaming at the mouth with mold. I remember mine from last year did the same. Actually, that memory is what stopped me from carving one this year. I've seen more posts this year than any year past about how to preserve your pumpkins and when I took the time to read the directions, it seems awfully complicated:

"Fill bathtub with bleach solution, completely submerge your carved pumpkin for 8 hours then air dry and cover with petroleum jelly, then refrigerate it when not in use... blah blah blah"

Too much work!

So what's your plan to still enjoy a pumpkin and avoid the "overgrowth"?  How'd it work this year?  We want to hear from you and see pictures : post on our facebook , Google+ , or twitter and we'll enter you to win a gift card to starbucks so you can snag that pumpkin spice latte before they're gone!




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