Last night a girlfriend and I stopped down at Rochester's newest, latest, and greatest bar- The Doggery.  Maybe you knew Aynsley Jones from City Cafe?  He is the mastermind behind this new social hangout.  What is with the name?  Here is what Aynsley told the Post Bulletin:

A “doggery” was slang for a speakeasy during Prohibition days in the 1920s, according to 
Aynsley Jones, at 18 Third St. S.W., in the basement of the building that’s home to the Nordic Gypsy bead and craft shop and Artistic Framers.  Since many speakeasys — illicit drinking establishments — were in hideaways such as basements, it’s a good fit, Aynsley says. 

It is a perfect location and what a great use of a space that I am not sure what else would have fit in the building.   The decor and atmosphere suits the speak easy feel.  The cocktails and the bartenders serving them are outstanding even down to the ice cubes.  I was impressed by the people and vibe of the bar and ladies if you are single I think this is a definite watering hole where men will be found.  The gentleman that greeted my girlfriend and I at the door knew how to treat a lady.  From first impression to the end I loved it.

Check it out on fb. And even better is to go and see it for yourself.  This is another kind of change I love to see happening in Rochester!  People we are seeing culture!